Harkany Hotel, Ametiszt Hotel in Harkany – Hungary

Harkany Hotel Ametiszt. A nice, friendly hotel near the Harkany Spa.

Harkány hotel – Harkány szállás – Barátságos hotel Harkány központjában

Harkany in Hungary, the city of spas began its continuously advancing way as a city for medicinal tourism 180 years ago. The workers draining the swamps by Harkany were the first to feel the curative effect of the water. The city and the spa of Harkany is deserved to call the „Mecca of the people suffering from rheumatic diseases” The century-long past of Harkany is the testimony that its sulfuric water has an almost exclusive curative effect.

The medicinal water of Harkany offers cure and healing for rheumatic, locomotor, gyneacologic and dermatologic diseases. The favorable mediterranean climate, the clean air, the peaceful surroundings and the unique medicinal water of Harkany, the wines of Villany and Siklos, the sights and gastronomic experiences of the region makes the here spent days unforgettable.

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Harkany Hotel Ametiszt: About us

The Harkany Hotel Ametiszt is in the heart of the town, 250 meters far from the Europe-wide known spa, in a quiet, peaceful street. Nicely and modern furnished, most terraced accomodation. The hotel awaits its guests with its well organized, colorful backyard and sycamore garden of the Ametiszt Hotel Restaurant.

Near the hotel and in the spa of Harkany is a wide range of health and wellness services (massage, tennis courts, playground, sauna, whirlpool, steam room).

The attractions of the area also provide active recreation for visitors. The atmosphere of the castle in Siklos and the church in Mariagyud pervades the area. The rich habitats of the Danube-Drava National Park call to discover the nature lovers. The mediterranean streets and squares, many museums and monuments of Pécs gives an all-day activity.

The luscious wines of Siklos and Villany and the local cuisine specialties can bring an unique experience to the cuisine lovers.


Harkany Hotel Ametiszt: The Spa of Harkany recommendation:

Harkány medence


  • Who wants to move out and are searching for a quiet, peaceful and quality place, where the active relaxation and recreation provided in propitious price
  • Who are struggling in reumatic problems
  • Who had musculoskeletal surgery
  • Who has gynecology, Psoriasis problems
Beside the Harkany Spa is located the Harkany Medicinal Spa Hospital, where on many departements are waiting for the treatments recipients. In the Spa of Harkany are primarily musculoskeletal complaints handled. Recently the Harkany Medicinal Spa Hospital has successful results achieved in the Psoriasis treatments, based on the water of Harkany.

Harkany Hotel Ametiszt